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Unwanted pets

March 21, 2013

It turns out that we have an unwanted pet in the shape of a giardia lamblia living in A’s small intestine.  I’m calling it Gerry, as giardia lamblia is just too much of a mouthful.  A, apart from feeling pretty ghastly, is actually quite chuffed with the diagnosis.  It’s much cooler to be able to say “I’ve got giardia” than “I’ve got a bit of a dicky stomach”, and people are far more sympathetic.  I’m trying to be especially sensitive and understanding as I’m sure it’s only a matter of minutes before Gerry decides that my small intestine looks particularly scrumptious.  In the meantime I’ve asked A to wear a bell around his neck and to play a recording of some chap with a very deep voice announcing “unclean, unclean” on repeat – in a totally sympathetic and supportive way, of course.

This morning I went to a new mall which has just opened in Islamabad.  It contains a supermarket which was, unfortunately, described to me as being the equivalent of Waitrose. On not particularly close inspection there was a definite lack of smoked mackerel pate, Duchy Original biscuits and other Waitrose essentials.  On the plus side it had tiles, rather than a cement floor and ceiling panels rather than bare bulbs hanging on a wire, so it’s definitely a step up from our local.  Just as I was getting used to the luxury, however, we had the obligatory power cut to remind us that we were still in Pakistan.  Electricity here is more of a “nice to have” than a staple.   Friends of ours who live in Rawalpindi (just ‘Pindi’ to us locals) lose electricity for 3 hours every day.  We have generators which restore our electricity supply as soon as it goes off, but most houses and many shops do not.  It’s why you don’t buy ice cream here, from anywhere.

The mall does, however, have a ‘Cinnabon’.  This has caused a disproportionate amount of delight amongst our friends.  I bought A one to make him feel better, only to find out from my friend who is a nurse that eating fatty, sweet food feeds the giardia.  A ate it anyway.  Gerry is to have one last ‘hurrah’ before A starts taking the pills tomorrow (not sure why the doctor asked him to wait a day) and then it’s ‘Goodbye Gerry’.  At least, we do hope so.

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One Comment
  1. Oh poor old A! And poor old you – from what I remember giardia’s pretty anti-social! Hope those pills work x


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