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My daredevil son

April 8, 2013

My older son, H (2, nearly 3, going on 37), is destined to be in the Health and Safety Executive when he’s older.  I’d like to think he’d be a manager, but his proper niche would be one of the chaps who walk around with a clipboard pointing out a dodgy cable.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a child who is more cautious or aware of things being ‘not quite right’. 

This morning we went to a little park in the centre of Islamabad. It has a climbing frame with 3 different slides coming down.   He clambered up the steps and then went down the slide which was, to be fair, almost vertical to start with. He then announced that it was ‘not safe’.  He clambered up the steps again, looked at the other two slides (a wooden ramp and a curly slide but without any sides to it), condemned the lot and proceeded to descend the steps…backwards for extra safety.

This is the same chap who was riding his bicycle on the pavement outside my parents’ house and got off to push it down the ‘ramp’ (where the kerbstone disappears to allow you to drive your car onto the drive) across the drive and up the other side.  He got back on when finally on the ‘straight’ bit. 

When he’s tired, he’s very tired.  Last night he looked a little sleepy during supper.  I suggested he went upstairs whilst we finished off and when we headed up about 5 minutes later he was flat out on the floor.  We washed his face, put his pyjamas on and put him into bed and he stayed fast asleep the whole time.  It must be a result of all the effort he puts in checking for potential death-traps.

We have a leak in our house.  The plumber arrived, had a look at the evidence and actually did that ‘sucking air through teeth’ thing that plumbers are famous for but I’ve never previously been able to witness first hand.  He couldn’t, however, look at the actual source of the leak until the carpenter arrived to take the side off the bath.  The carpenter was on his tea break and so the plumber went off too.   I think there are now 4 people up there. I’m not sure what they’re all doing but I’m confident they’re doing a marvelous job, with plenty of stops for tea.  Most civilized. 


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  1. Sarah Clare permalink

    Just wanted to say that I’ve absolutely no idea who you are, or who might be a joint friend/acquaintance, but I love reading your blogs. So thank you!


  2. Clarey permalink

    Another great blog…I was telling Mel and Fiona in red ruby rouge about ur blogs. Tried to FaceTime you this morning. Miss you xxx


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