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It’s the end of the world as we know it

May 13, 2013

This weekend H’s world ended…about 8 times.  Each finale was accompanied by heaving sobs, screams and, occasionally a full body roll on the floor kicking arms and legs.  The reasons for the cataclysms (various) were:

1. H had the egg timer which he’d turned to 5 minutes when I’d given him the 5 minutes warning for lunch.  A had the audacity to announce that lunch was nearly ready, without reference to the timer. 

2. I asked H to tidy up the lego.

3. A helped H tidy up the lego (earning greater screams than I’d earned).

4. H didn’t want to get in the car.

5. Once in the car I helped H with his seatbelt when, apparently, he could do it perfectly well himself (he can’t – he’d still be in there now.  That, actually, might have been a good thing…).

6. There was a large puddle on the road.  We didn’t drive through it. 

7.  He didn’t want to eat his tea.  He wanted to play with the corkscrew he’d just found.  We removed the corkscrew.  We regretted removing the corkscrew. 

8. H cleaned his teeth.  A tried to help H to clean his teeth (otherwise we’d have 2 sparkly ones at the front and the rest would be black).  A took too long to clean H’s teeth (about 10 seconds). 

It’s been a fun weekend. 

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  1. Ben permalink

    My favourites are 1 and 6.


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