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Froggy Would A-Wooing Go

July 2, 2013

I like wildlife. I do. I see the beauty in catching a glimpse of red and blue as a kingfisher swoops past.  I enjoy a butterfly and have even been known to get excited about beetles (although not cockroaches – there is a limit. They are top of my “animals I would like to be extinct” list.  It’s not a long list.  Actually it’s just one word, but there’s lots of feeling behind it.)  

As for ants, I’m a big fan.  I could spend a happy little while watching a line of ants moving ten ton leaves back to the nest.  I have never seen as many ants in my life as I have since we moved to Pakistan.  They cover every inch of ground outside and come in every size and shape (although the largest are about 2cm long – any larger and it would be weird. I think we’re too far from Pakistan’s nuclear processing plants for that.)


Great little guys

We have ants in our house but, rather strangely, they are not in the kitchen which is where I thought they’d be.  They are in the bathroom and are bizarrely passionate about toothpaste.  I’ve had to lock the toothpaste away so now there are only a couple hanging out by the taps, sulking.  I think they’re just there in case one night we leave the toothpaste out by mistake.  Addicts. 


Why?  It’s a mystery.

Recently, however, I’ve had the opportunity to get more ‘up close and personal’ than I’d like with frogs.  I don’t mind frogs.  They can be quite sweet, but at a distance.  I wouldn’t, for example, carry one around with me in my hand.  I’m not that kind of person.  They are welcome to go about their business and I will go about mine and we can both respect each other’s space.  

That has always been the case, until last week.  Last week we discovered frogs in our swimming pool.  It was fine, because I managed to act cool and pretend that they didn’t bother me.  Happily the 5 year old boy we were with was utterly delighted and coaxed them out of the pool and into the damp undergrowth with whoops of joy.  All was well. 

This weekend, however, we discovered that all was not as innocent as it seemed with the froggy lot.  We got into the water on Sunday to find strings of froggy eggs (not frog spawn, just eggs) all over the place.  Yuk.  And in a public place too. Surely that contravenes pretty much all of the Public Decency Rules for any civilised country, let alone Pakistan. 


An artist’s impression (although perhaps he should be smoking a cigarette)

As I said, I don’t mind a spot of wildlife, but I would much prefer it if it were kept at a bit of a distance.  Someone who’s been here a lot longer than me, however, has reported that in a couple of weeks our garden will be hopping with a plague of frogs of biblical proportions.  Apparently it happens every year during the monsoon.  

We’re off to the UK very soon – let’s hope the frogs can just keep it together until then…




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One Comment
  1. Sara permalink

    fine then…leave us with the frogs if you must;-)


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