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A Plague Of Frogs On Both Your Houses…And Your Schools…And Your Garages…

September 26, 2013

This morning I went into H’s classroom (sorry – “free play area”) to find a tank with 3 frogs in it on the side.  His teacher had found the frogs…under the carpet.  Apparently that’s where they like to hang out.  In my opinion ‘under the carpet’ definitely seemed preferable (if I were a frog) to being in a tank in a classroom full of pre-schoolers who have a whole lotta love and very little self-control, but I don’t think they were given much choice in the matter. 

Frogs should be the national animal of Pakistan.  There are still a lot of frogs around at the moment. 



A frog, having just woken from a nice cosy sleep under a lovely bit of slightly sticky carpet and about to be put in a tank in a classroom of pre-school children.  What a lucky frog he is.

Just yesterday afternoon our nanny brought in a cardboard box from the garage in a state of great excitement.  “Guess what’s in the box?” she said with glee.  Full of anticipation we looked in the box to find….a dead frog.  “He obviously crawled in there and couldn’t get out!” she said in a ‘isn’t that cool’ kind of a voice.  The children peered at the frog, looked at the nanny and looked back at the frog before continuing to play their unique take on ‘hunt the thimble’ (whereby one of them would hide a large plastic coin whilst the other closed their eyes.  When long enough had gone by – it wasn’t an exact science – Mr Eyes Closed would open them and look for the coin.  If looking for the coin took longer than, oh, 5 micro-seconds, Mr Hider would give a clue along the lines of “It’s under the cushion”.  It kept them amused for hours.).  

My friend had brought her 2 yo on a playdate.  “Jack’s never seen a dead animal before,” she whispered to my elbow.  Fortunately Jack was less bothered about the deceased amphibian and more interested in bouncing a large plastic orange reindeer around the sitting room.  I’ve wondered since if it provoked any questions.  If it has, I sympathise.  I’m just waiting for the “Mummy, where do frogs go when they die?”.  It’s just a matter of time.  Please feel free to supply draft answers in anticipation…  


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  1. iotamanhattan permalink

    Frog heaven. Obviously.


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