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True Love And Chickens

January 17, 2014

When we were back in the UK for Christmas we took H for his first ever trip to the cinema to see Frozen.  It’s not a classic of the children’s genre.  The story has big gaps (Why didn’t she tell her sister at the beginning? What’s with the funny ‘ice comes out of my hands’ thing anyway?  Does she wear gloves to clean her teeth?) but it’s a jolly romp about true love and it has an amusing singing snowman, so it went down well with me.

Later, however, at supper, H sat with his head in his hands looking bereft.

“When will I ever find true love?” he said.

We all looked at each other.  At the time we were staying with my husband’s folks and I waited, rather hoping one of them would fill the void.  There was silence.  Then Nana boldly stepped in with “When you find the right girl, H”.

“How do I find the right girl?” he continued.

“Well, you need to find someone kind and gentle, who makes you laugh,” I said, mentally attempting to strike a blow against the superficial search for the perfect beauty.

“Can’t she be beautiful?” he said, seeing right through me.

Fortunately Nana stepped in with the perfectly judged “If you like her, she’ll be beautiful to you”. Thank you Nana, I owe you one.

He was still looking slightly depressed.  “Where do I find her?” he continued, in desperation.  I could see his point.  He’s getting on for 4 now.  It’s a pressing concern.

There was another short space of silence and then I think his father managed “When the right girl turns up, you’ll know”.

“You mean I get to pick?” he said, perking up considerably.

“Sort of,” I countered, trying to suppress his clearly emergent inner neanderthal ‘knock-’em-over’the-head-and-drag-back-to-cave’ style of courtship.

He was chuffed with that.  Reciprocal love was clearly in the bag as far as he was concerned.  He got to pick, and that was that.

“In that case, I pick the one with the chickens,” he said.

There was a long period of silence.   We all looked at each other. And then it dawned on me.

Last summer we’d been to see some friends who keep chickens.  They have a 5 year old girl on whom H developed a sudden and profound crush which manifested itself by his following her around all afternoon and stroking her arm continually.  Thankfully there was no licking. She put up with him because she’s a very sweet girl and kind to lovestruck 3 year olds.

“Sarah?” I said. “Is that the one you mean?”

“Yes.  That’s the one.  I pick her. I’m going to marry the one with the chickens,” he said, confidently.

“Her name is Sarah.  You can call her that,” I said, as I’m not sure I’d be overly chuffed being referred to according to fowl-ownership.

“I know her name is Sarah.  But they have chickens, don’t they?  I want to call her ‘the one with the chickens’,” he countered.

And so that is that.  H has found true love and is getting married.

A few days later he sidled up to me.  “If I get married, do I have to live apart from you and Daddy?”

“Generally, yes” I said, mentally clocking up the remembering the time that we moved back to the UK and went to stay with my parents for 3 weeks.  We moved out six months later.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said.  “We’ll come and live with you.”

So, Sarah, I have to tell you, your future’s planned.  You’re marrying H (whether you like it or not, apparently), coming to live with us (wherever we may be), and you’ll have to keep poultry for the rest of your life, to maintain the sobriquet “The One With The Chickens”.  Hope that’s ok.  Happy 2014.

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  1. Fiona permalink

    What a laugh! Just what H’s auntie needed after a long day at work 🙂 Love to all xx


  2. Aunty Ailsa permalink

    There’s nothing like planning early for the future!!!!!! H will have girls queuing round the block………but, of course, any girlfriends will need to pass an interrogation by Aunty Ailsa to check their suitability. X


  3. Love it! It’ll be nice to have fresh eggs at brekkie every morning… All the best for 2014 x


  4. It’s as good a reason for marriage as many.

    My son, at a similar age, had got the impression that you turned up to your wedding, and that there was some kind of process in which you picked a wife, and then married her on the spot. Ah, if only so simple!


  5. Congratulations.

    Over here, A is deciding between two small boys in her class. Apparently the deciding factor is… well she hasn’t decided, but she’s definitely going to marry one of them.

    We loved Frozen. Especially me. A film that says that the love that matters is the one you have for your sister seems a very, very, good role model over here…. Chickens not required…


    • Any decisions made by A yet on her proposed beloved? Is she still deciding? There’s no rush…

      I agree with you on the message of Frozen. I also like the fact that both of the main characters are pretty cool women. The same goes for Tangled. We also love the Tinkerbell films over here. I was deeply sceptical at first, but was persuaded to try one and was delighted to find out that Tinkerbell is an engineer who invents and fixes everything. If you haven’t tried them already, they might be good.


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