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The Wonders Of A Wife

January 24, 2014

I was lamenting the huge pile of documents we had which needed to be shredded.  Unfortunately our shredder takes a single piece of paper at a time.  The pile of paper was over a foot high.

“What I really need is somewhere to burn them,” I said to K, our ayah (children’s nanny; mother’s help; general saviour of our household etc). “But we don’t have a metal bucket.  I’ll look for one when I’m out next.”

And that was that.

A week or so later I spied a small brown structure in the garden.  It was a chapati oven.  K had made it from scratch out of the clay soil that we have around here.

“It’s for your documents,” she said.  “And when you’ve finished I will have it for cooking chapatis at home.”

And so hubby and H had a happy afternoon being all manly and making fires and burning things and then, when it had all cooled down we took the oven back to K’s house for a chapati extravaganza.

Other things that K has done in the “You give me problems, I’ll give you solutions” type vein:

1. Climbed a 15 foot tree to get the ripest oranges for the boys;

2. Fashioned a swing out of some rope and a length of piping for the play park at the back of our house which was, sadly, swing-less;

3. Got us a trampoline, which had been abandoned in our next door neighbour’s garden and which the ‘works’ people had refused to move, by press-ganging her husband and some poor gardener who was passing by into lifting it over the 10 foot wall between our properties;

4. Disappeared off with my pushchair one morning when we had an irreparable puncture.  She came back with completely new tyres and inner tubes.  She ‘knew a man who did that sort of thing’.

5. Commented that my scatter cushions were a bit old and tired.  They were.  I said that whilst I have two young boys who use them for forts/trampolines/offensive weapons (delete as appropriate according to day and time) I was not going to change them.  I came back from holiday to find they’d been recovered using a Pakistani fabric used for wrapping bread which I’d mentioned to K a few months back would make lovely cushions.  She’d done them herself.  Observe:


6. And then my mobile stopped working.  It’s one from hubby’s work.  We thought it was the battery so we got a new one but that didn’t work either.  It looked completely bust.  After a few days of no one quite knowing what to do and contemplating getting a new one K lost patience.  She took it away last Friday and returned it on Monday as good as new.

Everyone needs a K. There’s someone in the house who changes the bedding without being asked, prepares hot meals for when I walk through the door, keeps the children entertained (last week  she made a bow and arrow set out of sticks and string. It still works).   It’s like having a 1950s’ wife of my own.  I don’t know how I’ve coped so long without her.   The only downside is we can never leave…at least not until she’s organised it.

  1. I need some bread wrapping fabric… Immediately. (And a wife)


    • I shall send you some. How can I get your address in a nice safe way over the magical interweb?
      Carrot x


    • The bread-wrapping fabric. Not the wife. I only have the one and I can’t give her up….


  2. They use that to wrap bread? It’s beautiful! You should start an export business… I’d buy some 🙂

    The wife would come handy too… I have one (of the ayah variety) but she’s not nearly as resourceful as yours!


  3. That’s so very kind…. Send me an email too and I’ll send you it… What do you need from these shores in return? Xx


    • I’ve sent you an email (I guessed the suffix after a couple of failed attempts!). Did you get it?


  4. No, not yet…


  5. I’ve emailed plan b with my address, via her blog and asked her to fwd to you…


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