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In Which H Sets His Father A Little Task

February 20, 2014

Daddy was pretending to be a tiger.


A wild beast full of majesty and grandeur.  And then there’s the tiger.

[Photo attrib. Richard Giles]

He crept up on H, who was deeply involved in playing with his latest piece of plastic tat.  This is an Angry Birds watch which he earned by getting all the stickers on his chart. This week, stickers were awarded for not coming into our room at 5.30am and shouting “I want to play on Mummy’s iPhone” in my ear.  It’s a bit negative, I know, but it had to be done.  And it’s worked.  We now have a little chap who plays quietly in his room until we go in to get him…for the moment.

The watch was on his ‘must have’ list and cost the princely sum of around £2.  I’ve had to mend it twice since I bought it 16 hours ago and it may yet require more super glue, but he’s happy.

He wasn’t happy, however, when Daddy pounced.

A chastened Daddy came into the kitchen where I was washing up and grabbed a tea towel, saying “I’ve been sent in here to save the galaxy”.    It was an impressive plan which was clearly designed to keep Daddy busy for as long as possible.   After a few minutes H appeared at the kitchen door.

“I thought I told you to save the galaxy,” he said, looking at Daddy.

“I am,” Daddy replied, “one dish at a time.”

H left, satisfied.  The drying up was done and, apparently, you can now relax.

The galaxy is safe.

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