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For The Love Of A Vacuum Cleaner

August 7, 2014

This is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting any money or free hoover bags or anything for writing this.  It’s just that it’s not often that you meet pure passion head on.

And so, here are 5 Reasons To Love The Vac Centre, Stamford, Lincolnshire:

1.  It’s a Dream Come True.

Once, there was a little boy who loved vacuum cleaners.  It started when he was little and he began dismantling his mother’s cleaner to see how it worked.  Kudos, here, to his mother.  If either of my boys started attacking my vacuum cleaner with a screwdriver I wouldn’t be encouraging. He followed his dream and opened a shop 20 years ago.  It’s this shop:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 09.21.48

I challenge you to go in and ask if they sell irons.  Go on.   Dare you…

2. Is there anything he doesn’t know about vacuum cleaners? I don’t think so.

My mother went in to get some hoover bags.  She couldn’t remember the model of her vacuum cleaner, but she could remember that it was Electrolux, she’d bought it in 2003 and it was a sage green colour.  Our man was able to reel off the model and presented her instantly with her new bags.

3. You give him problems, he gives you solutions

When we last went back to the UK we asked my ayah if she’d like anything brought back.  “Yes,” she said, “A new vacuum cleaner”.   I like to treat her where possible, so I went in to the shop and presented my needs.  These were: a robust cleaner suitable for 2 boys with asthma which could be brought back to Pakistan in our suitcases.   There was no hesitation.  We were shown the new AEG.  I mentioned that I’d liked my old Miele.  Yes, he said, my old one would have been good but the new ones are, apparently, a bit plasticy and prone to cracking.  Then he started talking about HEPA filters and suction powers and suddenly I wanted, no, needed the new AEG in a  way that I had never before imagined.

4. Make Do And Mend

If he can repair your cleaner, however, he will.  Someone brought in their mother’s old cleaner from the 1930s with the original cord still attached.  He got it working.

5. He Encourages Fellow Enthusiasts

He told us that the job centre had got in touch.  Apparently they knew of a young man who had also had a love of vacuum cleaners from an early age.  He’d had a job stacking shelves, but had become depressed and, eventually, lost his job.  They asked our chap if could do anything, so he employed him as an extra pair of hands to help with the servicing and repair side of the business.  Apparently he’s no longer depressed.  “Imagine,” said our friend “having to stack shelves when you really want to be working with vacuum cleaners!   No wonder he was depressed.”

Our young man had found possibly the only person in England who really, really understood.


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  1. I am terribly in love with my Dyson, and though this is a long way away from wanting to work in a shop like this splendid one you describe, it does give me just a little inkling of understanding of those for whom vacuum cleaners (not hoovers… they’re not all hoovers…) hold a huge fascination.


  2. I could also give you a blow by blow description of how this Dyson isn’t as nice as my previous one, which I had to leave behind when we moved from America. If you’re interested.


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