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Tempus have definitely fuggited

September 28, 2015

I feel like an impostor.  I’m neither in the Hindu Kush nor up to my elbows in Carrot Crush.   Things have moved on.

I meant to write this a little while ago – like a year or so, but tempus has fugitted rather and it became like that Thank You card that you should have written but didn’t.  After a couple of weeks it gets a bit tricky and after a month you have to decide whether it’s all just too awkward or whether you can still get away with it after a decent amount of grovelling.

Anyway, here’s My Life Over The Past Year in a nutshell.

Life all became a bit interesting at the end of June, 2014.  We knew we were coming back to the UK sometime in the next year, probably around December.  We’d got a place at our 2nd choice school for H to start in the January and had just completed on our house purchase and all was well.  Then, on June 23rd, I got an email from that school saying that H’s place had been given up and that we should contact the Education Authority.  A quick call to my friend Dean (after a particularly eventful application process I was on first name terms with the Education Authority staff, and Dean and I were positively bessie mates), and I discovered that:

  1. “Oh joy!” – we had been granted our first choice school; and
  2. “Quel horror!” –  they needed H to start in September.

We flew back to the UK to meet with H’s new headmistress who very firmly put her 6 inch heel down (she’s very glam) and said yes, H absolutely had to start in September. We left the meeting in something of a daze. It was the beginning of July.

We cancelled our summer holiday, flew back to Pakistan and packed up stuff for me and the boys.  We then headed came back to the UK and set up camp in our new house.

Hubby went back to Pakistan until December and I stayed with the boys (now 4 and 2) in the UK.  Things I have learnt:

  1. The UK is great.  You can drink the tap water and feel confident that there is nothing in it that will survive 12 minutes of a rolling boil (a statistic about Pakistani tap water which I filled me with almost constant terror).
  2. Starting building works without your partner, even when on your own with small children, is a Good Thing.  You earn kudos for doing it all on your own and you get to decide EVERYTHING.  When hubby does finally pitch up, he only gets to say how great everything looks, because he wasn’t there to help.
  3. Children are adaptable.  I knew it anyway, but have been amazed at just how quickly the UK became the norm.
  4. I get a bit giddy (even still) when I get in a car and drive to see a friend.  It’s just not been something I could do for the past 7 years.

And now, hubby’s home, Son 1 is in Year 1, Son 2 is at pre-school.  I’m at home, writing away and looking at St Albans’ Abbey through my window.  All is well.  I’ve missed my blog and my friends from around the world whose lives you only glimpse through a post but to whom you feel strangely attached, so I’m back in the saddle.  Expect more dribblings from me, although on life in the UK as an ex-ex-pat.

However, I can’t pretend I’m carroty or kushy any more.

I’ve re-invented (oo-er) and can now be found here. It’s all new and very exciting.  Come and see!

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  1. Aunty Ailsa permalink

    Welcome back……..I’ve missed your jottings. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! I too have left my blog and actually only just posted for this first time in well over a year this week. Must be something in the air… Looking forward to checking out your new blog. xo


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